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The origin where new media content is distributed from online, typically in the context of pirated movies and such
The scene still hasn't released a rip for Sin City.
by Eptiger March 17, 2005
1. Baby speak for one's penis.
2. Implication of calling someone's penis small.

3. Baby speak for urination.
1. Aw, look at little Johnny's pee pee!
2. What does Bob think he's gonna do with that pee pee of his?!
3. All that coffee I drank makes me wanna pee pee.
by Eptiger January 02, 2004
Over the Shoulder

Generally used if someone is reviewing something over your shoulder instead of you sending them a document electronically for review.
Alice did an OTS code review for Bob because the change was so trivial and urgent.
by eptiger May 16, 2013

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