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To cyberbully is to tease, make fun of, or insult a person on the internet. Basically acting like a tough guy or a bully on the internet.

Someone got cyberbullied and killed herself later on, because what was said to her hurt really badly.
Joe: Yo girl, you really are a disgrace to this world. You shouldn't be here.

Lisa: I am not a disgrace! I can do -

Joe: Nobody likes you. Not even your parents.

Lisa: What?! Yes they do!

Joe: Prove it; did they ever SAY they love you? Probably not.

Lisa: No! Stop! You're wrong!

Joe: Hmph, you're not meant to belong anywhere in this world.

Lisa: STOP!

Later on, Lisa cries, and tells her parents she was being made fun of and insulted on the internet.

Parent: Oh, he was a cyberbully!
by EpicWinzorz December 27, 2008
World vs. World. Often used in Fighting MMORPGs consisting of two 'Worlds' fighting each other.
Dan: Hey man, I was just on Guild Wars 2!

Andy: Yo man me too!

Dan: Awesome, I just joined a WvW match, wanna come with me?!

Andy: You got it!
by EpicWinzorz December 28, 2008
Quite the opposite of the popular term 'Silent but Deadly.'

Loud but Harmless is a fart that is EXTREMELY loud, but will not do any damage to your nose.
Dan: Hey guys.

Jim: Hi, *farts loudly*

Andy: Oh man, take cover!

Dan: No, Andy it's okay! There's no smell! It's a Loud but Harmless!

Andy: Oh yeah! Awesome!
by EpicWinzorz December 27, 2008
Basically means you are laughing at something that is funny but either wrong, innapropiate, something you shouldn't be laughing at, or something that's just plain weird that's funny.
To summarize it, a confused lol.
"OMG lolz I ate my pants yesterday they were sooo good you should try them."


by EpicWinzorz December 25, 2008
Being pwnd and owned at the same time.
"OMG I got shot 58 times in Halo in 1 minute by some noob!"

"LOL you got poned!"
by EpicWinzorz December 25, 2008
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