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A term used to define somebody who is "Bad with an e" or otherwise extremely cool.
1. God! That kid Alex is so bade. I wish I could tap that.

2. Q:Dude, does that kid look bade to you?
A:Yes, that kid appears to be truly "Bad with an e."
by Eonghoste April 28, 2009
In olden times, a Pedersen was a person who delivered letters (mainly tax notices) to shops or peddlers.
In modern day, an adjective used to describe a person who is hard working, outgoing, and superb.

Also, a game played by two players, using a 7X7 checkerboard (different from the 8X8 usually used for chess or checkers), and two sets of 10 stackable pieces (traditionally played with flat wooden circles), a white set, and a black set. Each player fills the bottom most row of they're side completely with seven of they're pieces, and then places a piece on every other space of they're second row, leaving the rightmost and leftmost spaces empty. Each piece can move one space diagonally in any direction, or one space forward. Players take turns moving one of their pieces. Points are awarded when a piece or stack stacks on top of another piece or stack (by moving onto the space the other piece or stack occupies). The player who stacked the pieces gains points equal to each of his opponents pieces in the stack multiplied by their position on the stack (The bottom piece being the 1, the piece above that being 2, etc.), and loses points equal to each of the pieces of their own color multiplied by their position on the stack (not including the topmost piece). For example if one stack consisted of (from bottom up) |white, black, white, black|. and a white player moved a stack of |black, white, black, white| onto the first stack, the new stack would be |white, black, white, black, black, white, black, white| and the white player would gain 8 points. Then, the entire stack becomes controlled by the player who's piece is on top of the stack. The game ends when either all the stack are controlled by one player, or there are only two stacks left. Either way, it is the player who has the most points who wins, not the player who controls all the stacks, or who controls the bigger stack. A player may also move a stack or piece they control onto another stack or piece they control, but only 2 times per game, and no points are awarded or deducted from such a move.
1. OMG, that Nicole girl is so awesome, and so nice. She's such a pedersen!

2. Q. Do you want to play a game of Pedersen?
A. Sure, but I'll warn you, I'm a pro Pedersener!
by EonGhoste April 29, 2009
The action of diving and/or swimming in a small pond or creek to avoid being shot. Usually a person Honsplumps when they are trying to stay alive in a deadly situation, but Honsplumping is also a game played with two teams of players using airsoft guns and played in a pond or lake. One team takes up the roll of the "Divers" while the other team is the "Shooters". The Divers are given 30 seconds to hide and maneuver into the body of water, and then the Shooters are given 2 minutes to shoot the Divers as many times as they can while the Divers try to evade being shot. After the two minutes, the teams switch rolls with the Divers becoming the Shooters, and vice versa. This comprises one "Inning." There are nine Innings in a normal game of Honsplumping, similar to a game of Baseball, and the team with the highest score at the end wins, unless one team reaches 145 points before the end of the game, in which case they automatically win, and the game ends. The score is tallied at the end of each Inning, therefore not giving one team any more of an advantage to reaching 145 points first. If both teams reach 145 points in the same inning, the scores are reset, and the game continues where it left off, except with both teams back at 0 at the beginning of the next Inning.
1. I stole the guys wallet, not knowing that he had a gun. Luckily I was near the pond though, and managed to do a little Honsplumping, and get away safely.

2. Q: Hey dude, do you wanna go Honsplumping after class?
A: Sure! I'll meet you at the pond after I go home to get my Airsoft Gun. I'll pwn you for sure!
by EonGhoste April 29, 2009

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