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Someone who enjoys drinking a big glass of milk, eating chocolate chip cookies, and taking some viagra.

Kurt Angle is also known for blurting out ''It's true! It's true!'' before someone finishes their statement.

Kurt Angle's Pizza Hut commercial also happened to place 1st in America's Funniest Home Videos.
Kurt Angle is a true American hero.
by Environmentalist August 29, 2008
The dumbest gimmick alive. Can be best described as a failed genetic creation.
Failed specimen: YO SHIZZY, i'm GangStA Brotha!?!?! *insert malfunctioned English sentence*

Guy 1: *Ignores failed specimen*

Guy 2: *Rolls eyes*

Guy 3: *Laughs hysterically*

by Environmentalist August 10, 2008
Al Gore's favorite color.
Al Gore just had his house paitned green. Good for him! Go Green!
by Environmentalist July 17, 2008
Derogatory term for French people. It has gained notoriety over the recent decade for many French people have sued people on cases of prejudicial verbalization.
''HEY, look at that pathetic french fry over there! They need to be cooked and toasted like they used to be!''
- Person 1

''The filth coming out of your mouth is astounding. Why is that these people have to be extremely ignorant?''
- Person 2

''I can answer that question!'' - Stephen Colbert
by Environmentalist November 14, 2008
The equivalent to The Rock of 2000 (with exception of promos and some hypocritical fan perception ring wise), meaning a wrestler who sports some moves (like all wrestlers do, Stone Cold is particulary noticable for only a few moves but was praised) but is an incredibly diligent and hard worker. Comparable to The Rock in ring skills, but not applicable in promos given the corny material Cena is succumbed to. Similar in a way they were beat down for a majority of the match, but magically won the match at the end.

One whose character and direction conveys imminent doom for a wrestler (JBL is poopy). Someone who has not had the title since October but is still bashed despite the fact the main reason for the negativity was how Cena in posession of title (where's the logic in that?).

Comparison between The Rock and John Cena ring-wise:

Punches, flying closeline, Rock uses Sharpshooter as main submission (Cena uses a main submission as well), Rock Bottom to FU (same in the sense the one who suffers the finisher lands on their back), 5 Knuckle Shuffle to The People's Elbow.

John Cena occasional moves:
Fisherman suplex, flying legdrop, throwback, sitout hiptoss

Rock occasional moves: Float over DDT, kip-up (not really a move), samoan drop, spinebuster, overhead belly to belly suplex (rare but used).

The two are similar in the ring department, which would make the Rock a ''bad wrestler'' given what the fans see in John Cena (few moves do not make a bad wrestler, using psychology and storytelling is key to a good wrestler, which both can clealy do with their charisma).

John Cena is the main bullseye in the IWC.

by Environmentalist July 16, 2008

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