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Anyone who is very bad at texting. Thought to originate from 'T9-tard' - people who fail to fix their T9ed texts.

dont fuck with me - correct T9
foot dual with of. - usual T9 typo.
Nick is such a t-tard that I'm thinking of buying him a blackberry.
by Envious 314 March 16, 2009
Usually a call girl, but sometimes an exotic dancer. In recent years, it's also become associated with any gold-digger.
Looks like Nick got him a Pay-Per-View Girlfriend. I hope he's getting a full oil and lube out of it.
by Envious 314 March 16, 2009
Any sexual encounter (usually a quickie) that begins with a texting...word originates from Sprint-to-Sprint, or head-to-head.
How about we go for a Sprint this afternoon, my bells need a jingle?
by Envious 314 March 16, 2009
The act of using a cell phone text to hook up with the opposite sex for a 'quickie.' This term has recently come to replace the term 'sexting.'
If you're not gonna iTap that hottie fromt he bar, I think I'm gonna iTap her for you.
by Envious 314 March 16, 2009

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