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Used to describe the condition of woman who is pregnant with twins. Consequently her belly area is very large.
"She's so big, she must have two in the basket"
by entomologist July 09, 2006
A farmer or man who lives off the land; also, a miner, a worm finder,etc. Translation of the french "homme de terre": man of the earth. Also can be used in the negative, as in "not an alien". Not to be confused with pomme de terre, the french term for potato.
He's no homme de terre,he's more like a friggin' alien.
That farmer is a real homme de terre.
by entomologist July 09, 2006
Mexican musican Homero died in a car accident in 1982. He was replaced in a musical group by Senor Cantu. Use of the bands' name after Homero's death resulted in a legal trademark lawsuit.
You can't use that name it's already trademarked- you want to repeat the Hommerro Cantu imbraglio!
by entomologist July 08, 2006
A rag-tag group of miscreant women who consistently lie to themselves because they refuse to believe that they are winos.
"What happened to the party?"

"It hasn't gotten started; P-Unit's not here yet."
by Entomologist September 28, 2005

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