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7 definitions by EnigmaticCoffeeCup

An armless character in episode three of the Salad Fingers flash movies. He chases Salad Fingers home after he steals Milford's "nettle carrier". Milford spends hours bashing his head against the door of Salad Fingers' before he dies. Salad Fingers gives the now deceased man the name Milford, and invites him in for a glass of milk. Milford's wears an apron which says "BBQ" on the front, and a nametag with three stars on it, that tells people he is Harry, and "happy to help"
I think I'll call you...Milford Cubicle.
by EnigmaticCoffeeCup November 14, 2004
88 11
N. An incredible trance artist or group. I honestly have no idea which.
Did you hear the new Infected Mushroom track?
by EnigmaticCoffeeCup November 14, 2004
93 41
The funniest man alive. Has much to say on news, video games, and crappy old movies.
Seanbaby really kicked ass with that article about that crappy Straight Up video.
by EnigmaticCoffeeCup April 19, 2004
63 49
A popular Dance Dance Revolution song, written by Naoki. There are also two remixes done by the same artist, "Glorious Style" and "B4 ZA Beat Mix". Another, more well known among the Stepmania crowd, is 4F73R M3 (After Me), Made in Reason by SuperGreenX.
B4U is okay, but Glorious Style is way better.
by EnigmaticCoffeeCup November 14, 2004
12 6
A line from the song 4F73R M3 by SuperGreenX. The song is a cover of B4U by Naoki. This line is a fad among the Bemani crowd, mainly because, While SGX is a great musician, he tries to rap in the aforementioned song, with limited success.
SGX is bringin' it down
Wanna see you move when you hear my sound
by EnigmaticCoffeeCup November 14, 2004
2 1
A word used to compare a person to a chimp, with an extra syllable to balance it out.
God, that guy's such a chimplar.
by EnigmaticCoffeeCup April 19, 2004
0 0
A word used to show intense screeching anger or fear.
"Hey I just had sex with your girlfriend. Hope you don't mind."
by EnigmaticCoffeeCup April 20, 2004
1 10