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A term used in the US Midwest to describe something out of balance, vibrating, or shaky.
My car is shaking badly because the front wheels are catty wompers.
by england phi beta gamma February 21, 2008
German slang for the police. Calling the polizei "dammische bullen" can add a rather hefty fine.
Los! Dammische Bullen!
by England phi beta gamma April 09, 2008
1. Solid waste that is trucked out of sewage treatment plants and delivered to farms as fertilizer.

2. diarrhea.
Who left a load of sludge in the crapper and forgot to flush?
by England phi beta gamma January 27, 2008
The section of small Southern towns which are mostly tar paper shacks with polythene windows. Out back is the outhouse and in front is a Benz, a Lincoln, and a pickup truck on blocks. In other words -- a rural ghetto. The word is derived from slave quarters, and appears frequently in Harry Crews' novels.
The Riverdale neighborhood of Detroit reminds me of the quarters in Florence South Carolina.
by England phi beta gamma November 16, 2007
1 n. A pickpocket

2 D.I.P. = drunk in public the abbreviation used in police arrests
As the fluff saps the mark, the dip rips the wad.
by England phi beta gamma March 07, 2008
Fuck you.
Phuqueue can be used in chat rooms to deal with rude pizza-faced types who have no lives.
by england phi beta gamma September 05, 2008
Another word for nipples -- either male or female.
Her bikini top came off when she jumped in the pool and everybody got a glimpse of her dots.
by England phi beta gamma January 27, 2008

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