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bitch pop, an Ohio term for a fruity malt beverage. Men won't touch that muck.
Only bitches drink Zima, but enough of them will loosen up their thighs.
by England phi beta gamma November 30, 2007
Term used in Northeast Engaland to mean a proctologist, or any other sort of homosexual doctor. Any employee of the British National Health Service.
Eee, Ah'd rather die at 'ome than get worked over by some arsehole creeper.
by England phi beta gamma November 30, 2007
A Chinese expression used to indicate that some action is a complete waste of time.
Preparing these reports early is like dropping your pants to fart.
by England phi beta gamma July 10, 2008
A term for Washington congressional staffers on Capitol Hill. As often as not they are arrogant, and can be abrasive and abusive -- particularly when constituents show up with complaints about how they get screwed by stupid laws passed by their bosses.
A hill rat is usually a parasite.
by England phi beta gamma March 30, 2008
The Washington DC (Warshington) pronounciation of the letter r.
I live on Arer Street Southeast.
by England phi beta gamma May 21, 2008
The magazine of American Culture and also the best magazine in print. Ticks off the left, the right, the corporate, and the power elite. Published in Rockford Illinois otherwise known as the worst city in the United States. Annual meetings take place under the name of The John Randolph Club.
Everybody who wants to know the news six months ahead of time ought to read Chronicles magazine.
by England phi beta gamma March 30, 2008
The French word meaning "lousy cuisine."
McDonalds serves tambouille.
by England phi beta gamma June 14, 2008
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