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Something you start chewing on when you got no food at home.
"Mmmmmmm.... this is good shit!"
by Enfero December 09, 2004
Nukezone is a strategic text-based game where you play with and/or against other players on the web alone or with a clan.

Basically, you need to sacrifice all your spare time (and eventually give up on your girlfriend/boyfriend) and go up in the middle of the night to avoid loosing morale so your clan can stay in the toplist. If you're lucky, then you won't by accident click on the wrong target and manage too loose 50% of your attack force during an attack while trying to keep your eyes open when everyone in your family is sleeping. However, if you do, try keep silent and don't wake them up!

If you don't wake up when the alarm sounds at 4am for some reason (low batteries etc.), you might loose morale, and your aggressive CL will eventually kick you out of the clan for not being active enough.
Then you will spend the rest of the round (about 3 months) being nuked by random ex-clanmates while looking for a n00b clan to protect you, which for some reason always seem to declare mutual war with slayer clans.

It's a great game. It really is.
WAAHHH!! Who's sending all the random nukes at me?? I'm in teh toplist ffs, I will pwn y00 next round!! this is teh shit!
I need to get myself a girlfriend...
by Enfero December 09, 2004
Something you do when least expect it, especially when your best friend is getting married.
Priest: And do you, Frances Duman, take this lovely Penelope...
You: *farts*
Priest: What!?
You: Sorry, I'm having my period.
by Enfero December 09, 2004

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