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Felgercarb! A space aged swearword, originally from Balltestar Galactica back in the 70's. I've been saying it since about 1980. I bet we hear it in the new Battlestar Galactica movie.
Oh Felgercarb! I think another one of those singing cylons is on my 6. No wait, that's Lipps, Inc., singing funkytown!
by Endorpheus January 02, 2005
A Devry Tech (circa 1973) word meaning "God, this is tough!", or oh my god! (omg). It was very popular with the Tunnels and Trolls junkies in Arizona until the persistent commercialization of Dungeons and Dragons.
Gadz! I can't believe Bjorn didn't just do a saving roll!
by Endorpheus January 02, 2005
Everyone relax, tattoos are a reflection of your soul on your skin/flesh. It's a way to lay claim to your body and excercise your right to not give a shit what other people think. Tattoos are something no one can tax or take from you. People who think they are overpriced really don't have any sense of value or self esteem, and should try doing it for a living. Enjoy the self employment tax and overhead. There's a difference between thrifty and cheap.
I just went to Slavedragon Studios today, and Endo did a killer tattoo on me. We worked on it for a week or so gathering resource material and coming up with some custom design work. It was more irritating than painful, yet extremely enjoyable!
by Endorpheus January 02, 2005

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