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A sanctimonious bastard whose inflated sense of self-worth is derived primarily from his commitment to saving the planet.
Melissa: I feel like Joe looks down on me just because I drive to work and don't compost.

Ann: Oh my God, I know! He is such an ecotist.
by Empty D October 01, 2009
A term used to describe someone who insists upon making and repairing everything themselves, often to the detriment of their relations with others.
Janet: Today is our anniversary, but all Joe wants to do is stay home and tile the shower.

Janet's mom: Serves you right! You could have married Billy Ackerman, but noooo. You had to have someone handy. You should have listened to me when I warned you that he was do-it-yourself-centered.
by Empty D October 01, 2009

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