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someone, male or female, who swallows the sperm of a male.

and insult for someone you dont like
"kiss my ass, sperm gurgler"
by Emperor Xist January 27, 2006
A North Sea (UK) Oil rig that accidentally blew up in 1988.

alternatively, the slang term for a typically massive bong of Middle East origins with at least 4 hoses to entertain the purpose of smoking hashish.
'fire up piper alpha dude'
by Emperor Xist January 27, 2006
not to be confused with acts of beastiality, this defenition is purely an insult for someone of limited mental capability who you don't like, yet have to work with - usually a menial type situation
f*ck you, badger shagger
by Emperor Xist February 01, 2006
in the United Kindgom, a 1990's strain of LSD. The motif used was that of the classic 'penguin books' logo
i'll do you three penguins for a tenner
by Emperor Xist February 01, 2006
term that defines a young person who likes to be seen posing in public wearing a mixture of cheap-mildy expensive label clothing. Also a reference to someone who dresses up in 'expensive' clothes in order to gain entry to a night out at a tacky nightclub or bar that may operate a 'dress to impress policy'
look at the state of that geezer over there; f*cking fashion victim
by Emperor Xist February 01, 2006

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