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a. A person who is emotionally retarded.

b. Also, an emo-scenester who is so emo it is annoying.

c. Someone who revels in sorrow, anger, or any other various negative emotions. Someone who lets emotional drama take over thier existence. Usually this is extremely obnoxious to the friends/family/peers of the Emotard.

d. A fucking whiney cry baby. A Farion.
Zach: My dad didn't love me enough growing up and my mother smothered me to the point that I eventually alienated her. I am constantly in a state of emotional chaos trying to patch up the shattered pieces of my youth. I don't know what I want to do with my life or what my purpose is. I think I am going to go play a sad song on my guitar and cut myself.

Sarah: Mark it down on your emo-scorecard, EMOTARD!
by EmotionalSalad September 08, 2007
a. An extremely effeminate male.

b. A straight male, confident in his sexuality, who unknownly or knowingly acts extremely feminine, either in dress, actions, or attitude.

c. A metro-sexual.
Molly: OMG, Tom looks HOT in those heals! But what will his wife say?

Betty: Oh, it's okay, he's just a Farion. His wife digs it.
by EmotionalSalad September 08, 2007
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