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3 definitions by Emo Kid

Hoe and Slut mixed.
Look at her, she is such a sloe!
by Emo Kid June 02, 2003
Incorrect spelling of F OFF (fuck off). Often used in MSN Messenger where it is associated with an emoticon that shows an angry face sticking its middle finger up at the user. This emoticon is often mis-interpreted as an unoffensive emoticon involving a man with his dick out.
MSN Nerd 1: Guess what: UR FAT
MSN Nerd 2: *foof*
MSN Nerd 1: foof!!! lol!!! ur such a n00b!
MSN Hater: You twats, why don't you get a life
by Emo Kid January 19, 2005
A word meaning hello in a funny way.
Aye Mike!!
by Emo Kid June 02, 2003