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A person who buys their clothes at Abercrombie & Fitch. As opposed to someone who buys their clothes at Gap, Hot Topic, Old Navy, Sears, or the Salvation Army. Apparently, the simple fact of where they shop determines their intelligence level. Who knew?
"While we're at the mall, I need to head to Abercrombie & Fitch for a second."
"You Abercrombie Zombie! I didn't realize you were a stupid frat-boy who wants to look like everyone else."
"Actually, I just need to pick up a pair of jeans. It won't take long. You can wait outside."
by Emily December 18, 2005
Every aspect of your life is associated with the internet (ie. talking to friends via the internet, messenger, my space, personals) Also can be used to describe a person addicted to the internet
Amy would die without the internet, she is all webbed up!
by Emily June 15, 2006
(n.) an interjection that can be used in almost any connotation
oh my gosh! shlee! i am so excited!
by Emily November 13, 2004
Used when no other word can possilby descirbe it, and you dont feel like looking like an idiot cause no one knows what you mean. Can also be used to descirbe someone, or as a name.
"Wow, thats sooo wootacious!"
"Look at that gurls bootay, its damn wootacious."
"Hey mah wootacious?! Whats goin on?"
by emily January 28, 2004
Phrase used to express anger toward another.
damn, bitch! you ate my bagel?! go choke on a dick!
by Emily July 27, 2004
There are several defenitions for this word inparticular. There is the on that comes immediatly to ind, Dr. Kevorkian, your resident doctor if you wish to commit suicide. Then there is our resident Armanian, Caia Kevorkian (who's mother is a doctor) whom we all love(ish) except maybe Kendall see also kevorkian wind of doom
Kevorkian gave Kendall an Incredible Hulk watch...
by Emily May 02, 2004
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