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A Boyfriend/Girlfriend who is only good for sex.
Hey, Isn't that Austin's new fucktoy?
by Emevas April 07, 2005
A person who is merely used as a sex object. See also: bitch, fucktoy
"I will make you my personal Buttslave!"
"I will not be your Buttslave anymore."
by Emevas April 07, 2005
Super Robot Syndrome is a condition mostly (Although not exclusively) aquired by Whiny Highschool Emo Girls who previously expierenced a severe trauma. This disorder commonly manifests itself in the form of online communitys such as Deviant Art or MySpace in the form of lengthy-Journals/Blogs which appear as angsty sob storys or badly-written poems. The victim seems to pick one "bad guy", be it a person/place/thing who is the brunt of their trauma and cause of all the ills in the world. SRS is so named after Super Robot Animes, in the sense of the "Bad Guy" can be related to a Monster of the Day from a super robot show. Victims usually tend to outgrow the condition before their Mid-Twentys.
Blog Entry:
Boo fucking hoo! My dad, molested me, my boyfriend groped me, even my dog raped me!

Oh, no... Not another case of Super Robot Syndrome... Wait another few years... It'll pass...
by Emevas October 04, 2006
A smelly kid in everyone's Middle, Junior High, or High School who was always had greasy hair, smelled from about a block away and was always seen wearing a Metallica, Ozzy, Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Poison, Deep Purple or other T-Shirt of the like. Typically wearing it for one week straight at the least.
Fox: You remember Matt Sanders, right?

Aaron: Who that Bum Rocker?

Myles: Yeah, the waste of time?

Fox: Yeah, well he's a total Otaku now.

Myles: Ugh! Don't remind me!
by Emevas August 21, 2008

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