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A word Evolved by the late Tupac Shakur. Commonly mistaken for a Criminal. Thug Life is the opposite of someone having all he needs to succeed. Thug life is when you have nothing, and succeed, when you have overcome all obstacles to reach your aim.
"When my heart beats, it screams THUG LIFE."
by Emejdoubleti May 29, 2004
(Verb) Street Slang used by many to replace the word Police. Originated from an old Cop show called Hawaii Five-O. It aired from September 1968 to April 1980. The "Five-O" in the title then became a commonly used word for Police.
Oh crap, its Five-O
by Emejdoubleti May 29, 2004
Zajeeeeeebista narodowosc!:) A polak, is a part of the human race, however, they have a far greater resistance to alcohol an smoke the most...anything. They smokE TunZ yO! One of the few remaining nationalities that acctually stay true an patriotic to their country. Someone who doesn't tolerate: Russians, Germans, pussiboys an a bunch of other corny soundin muthafux.
OMG! Are you a Polak? Can i kiss your feet?
by Emejdoubleti May 29, 2004
Polish Word for "Homie" commonly used street slang.
Co jest grane Ziom?!
by Emejdoubleti May 29, 2004
A person, male or female, who express their hard lives, an oppression in a poetical, musical form. A Rapper is usually a very talented person, who puts a lot of time an work into their "thug poetry". A rapper often unfortunately has a poor background. The term "rapper" evolved from the black culture and began in the late 70's. Much gratitude to Herbie Hancock.
A professional Rapper has a lot of talent
by Emejdoubleti May 29, 2004

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