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The best surf brand ever,no matter the price. And it also sponsers wikked surfers like Taj Burrow,Andy Irons and Tiago Pires.
Awmigawsh,Elyce you are a total Billabong junkie!
by Elyce May 15, 2004
Yeeeah! Coodanup,in Mandurah Western Australia,is tha roughest mofo skewl in tha state! Uh-uh,we're enemies wit hhcc,freddiez and mcc,we'll smash ya all!
Despite all that,we got tha best lewkin peoplez in mandurah too!
Ha ha ha,y'kno that tall guy from hhcc? Yeah he got gang bashed by sum hot coodanup guys at football!
by Elyce May 15, 2004
Western Australia: The best state in tha whole of Australia. Home of HEATH LEDGER and NO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!
And tha best lewkin ppl in the country too,of course!
Ohh ur from WA? Damn,ur kewl.
by Elyce June 03, 2004

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