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2 definitions by EltonJohn29

A small school in rural northern Tennessee that is severly obsessed with social class and segregation. Greenbrier has a 98.4% white population and a 2.6% population of any other race. This "other" race mostly consists of hispanic origin. The graduation rate is about 70%.
Greenbrier High School's football team is so terrible, the school remodeled the football stadium in hopes to change the loosing record; it didn't work.
by EltonJohn29 March 16, 2009
A theater in Madison, Tennessee that contains 10 screens. It plays mostly first-run movies and has a moderatly small staff for the size of the theater. The staff of the theater contains all white employees except for one African American male employee. The theater is currently up for sale but is not expected to be sold anytime soon. The theater's main competition is the Rivergate 8 theater which is less than one mile away. The Wynnsong 10 theater has always had a more positive public opinin than the Rivergate 8 theater.
The Wynnsong 10 is so much better than the Rivergate 8 theater.
by EltonJohn29 March 16, 2009