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Highway Tourette's is an erratic pattern of behaviour exhibited by many drivers, while behind-the-wheel. In severe cases, the behaviour is also exhibited while the person is a passenger.

Sufferers of Highway Tourette's can easily be spotted. Simply look for the following:
1.) Loud shouting, including vulgar or violent references.
2.) Inappropriate hand-gestures.
3.) The apparent belief that the drivers/passengers in. neighbouring vehicles can hear the sufferer.
Bob is driving, Joe is his passenger. Bob is a sufferer of Highway Tourette's. In this scenario, the two are mid-way through a roundabout....

Joe: Be careful, that other car might pull out in front of you.
Bob: So what?! Let them! <Bob turns his attention to the aforementioned car>
Joe: Bob. Drive.

Anne is driving, Jodi is her passenger. In this case, Jodi is a sufferer of Highway Tourette's. In this scenario, they have narrowly avoided an accident....

Jodi: Did you see that jerk?!
Anne: Yes, but we're fine.
Jodi: So what?! That asshole nearly killed you!
Anne: Jodi, shut up, I'm driving.
by Elocin834a August 12, 2008
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