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A reasonably attractive female who has studied physics, probably to degree level, in an environment mainly composed of male nerds. The resulting over-exposure to male attention casues annoying traits such as expecting to be the centre of attention at all times, and constantly talking about herself.
The hidden side of the deficit in female physics uncergraduates is the prevalence of physics girl syndrome.
by Elmwood_destroyer_of_words March 25, 2007
Low-grade, unstimulating blow job with few benefits and no prospects.
Currently, the dictionary definition of McJob is a low-wage, unstimulating job with few benefits. However, if McDonalds Inc are successful in their campaign to have this definition removed from the dictionary, it could be replaced with this one.
by Elmwood_destroyer_of_words March 25, 2007
A ridiculously huge number. Bigger than the biggest thing you can imagine (and then some). Used only for the purposes of major exaggeration.
Nic: I went to the beach and there were like a nickillion people there!
Jo: Stop exaggerating, Nic. there were hardly one hundred.
by Elmwood_destroyer_of_words August 13, 2007

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