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When you are recording something on your DVR. The act of recording a television program to a digital recording device.
I am DVRing the show tonight, so don't tell me about it until I see it.
by ElliottInSpace April 13, 2010
When you bring something into your reality that you wanted. Beyond coincidental, driven by fate, universally inspired. When something happens that was meant to happen.
Wow I was thinking of my ex-girlfriend this morning and walked into the grocery store and there she was. Dude it was phaytonic!
by ElliottInSpace April 13, 2010
When people use hand same hand gestures in photographs or digital photographs; like throwing up a peace sign, sign of the horn, jazz fingers, the middle finger, or the hang loose sign. It can also happen when people strikes a familiar pose every time some one takes a picture. This can be something as subtle as sticking out your chest, turning to one side, tilting the head, poking out your butt or something as extreme as "Blue Steel", "Le Tigre" or "Ferrari" - made popular in the movie ZooLander.
Wow I think that dude has phototurrets, every time some one takes his picture he throws up the peace sign!
by ElliottInSpace April 10, 2010
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