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2 definitions by Elliott.D

Another slang way to say "son of a gun" or "son of a bitch".
In most way, you'd be mad, or 'pissed' at something.
Also works as insults: "shut up you son of a monkeys ass"
"Ah son of a bitch, theres a test today!"

"son of a monkeys ass, i forgot my essay!"
by Elliott.D July 06, 2009
7 1
to be frustrated, or really happy/exited.
another usage would be if your laughing at something.
mom: clean your room, its so mesy in there!
johnny: quit trippin tits, i'll get it done.

Dude, i just heard the funniest thing! i was trippin tits.

Omg, i am so trippin tits right now, im going to Disneyland tomorrow.
by Elliott.D July 03, 2009
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