2 definitions by Elliot C. Nulv

Fan site for the increasingly popular band by the name Paramore currently containing members Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York.

The site is the most active of the Fueled by Ramen label and has their own two moderators that help keep the site clean.

Also famous for it's group of Parateers.

Paramore has gotten the majority of their fans through the promotion of their hit song Decode on the Twilight Saga Soundtrack and song The Only Exception off their album Brand New Eyes.

A new song called Monster is to be released on Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon soundtrack.
Paramore is also a grammy-nominated band.
I was up on paramore.net all night talking to the parateers!
by Elliot C. Nulv May 29, 2011
Personality famous on the fan site paramore.net for her sarcasm and "original parateer" status.
God, that violet cullen chick sure is witty and attractive.
by Elliot C. Nulv May 29, 2011

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