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To grab a chicks boobs in a high school bathroom...probally better defined as "rape", and then getting arrested for it.
Yo, my bizoy Mali pulled a campione on that chick Chaquita today...the A-Town cops nabbed his ass tho.
by Elliot October 28, 2004
A abbreviation of the name roger. especially used when the name roger is followed by hurd, and the person has mother like qualities and concerns.

This term is commonly used on AIM when saying hello to a roger.

Also see "Rog".
"Hey Roj, Whats up?"
by elliot April 23, 2005
The 'nice' way of addressing a fat person with a big mouth.
1: She's a bubbly woman.
2: Nope, you're just letting people know she's fat and loud without hurting her. Notice you never meet 'bubbly' thin people.
by Elliot March 11, 2005
Cool; Awesome. Originates from San Diego, CA, and commonly used in Greensboro, NC.
"Man, we had such a fun time last night. Last night was dixie cup!"
by Elliot January 11, 2005
pig-faced slapper that has aids
george bush
by elliot January 25, 2003
what you call a person named Christy, Misty, Cookie, Dot, Barb, Chet, Gill, or Charlene
Don't go to Kezar Falls. It's just a bunch of dub t.
by Elliot November 23, 2003
A drunk man.
by Elliot May 02, 2003

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