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Bergen County is one of if not the richest county in New Jersey. New Jersey is consistently, one of the richest states in the county.
Bergen county is a suburb of New York city, or as others refer to it one of NYC's unofficial boroughs.
It is rich with history as well, which is why residents see "Washington's Retreat Route 1776" throughout New Bridge. If Washington's Army didn't have the new map that he used while retreating from the British after losing in Washington Heights, which showed "New Bridge" he would/could have lost the war. The old "new" bridge still stands, there is a museum, and restaurant, though that's in New Milford...all throughout BC Washington has made history.
Our neighbors, like Englewood are famous to, they are the birthplace of hip hop, the first record was done there.
Back to what makes Bergenfield shine, she is a diverse town in many ways, people from all different ethnicity's, religions, incomes, etc. come from all over the world to call Bergenfield home. Many people, especially city residents dream their whole lives/youth of moving to Jersey/Bergen County, those that work hard and are lucky may wind up blessed with their own place in Bergenfield. All of them have their own reasons for wanting to be here, but all of them good reasons. I will touch upon a few of the major fine points and advantages.
There is always something to do in Bergenfield.
There are parks,restaurants, shopping, movies, night life. People from neighboring towns (such as New Milford, Domont or Dontmount-lol) will go to Bergenfield especially at night because we have so much to offer, though our neighboring towns, like Teaneck, Hackensack and Englewood, have a lot to offer too. People will mix and mingle with one another. The parties are a whole lot of fun, safe and don't end until early the next morning. You can go to the shore or Six Flags Great Adventure in the summer, Mountain Creek in the winter and the Paramus malls which is the country's shopping capital, year round.
Bergenfield offers its residents a cosmopolitan lifestyle, just 5 minutes from the GWB by car (or the Express Service Bus) and less than 15 on the 11C bus, as for the Lincoln tunnel it takes longer to park then to drive there-lol!
There have been celebrities mostly NY Yankees, rappers, writers, people famous in their own field/right like famous doctors working in prestigious hospitals in the city.
Though the school system is phenomenal, particularly Lincoln School, the high school teachers themselves are awful-no wonder crazy stuff happens. Unlike other communities in New Jersey the residents of Bergenfield are not disadvantaged (though some teachers will be very bad) we have no reason to fail, the school system overall isn't failing us though some teachers are very angry, bitter, jaded and yes oppressive. This will prepare students for the harsh realities of life.
Generally the people are very good, decent, nice, friendly, and remember you. Aesthetically we are very good looking, well groomed, and stylish dressers. We are articulate, smart, well educated, responsible, good credit, open-minded and sophisticated. We know how to hold our own, take care of ourselves in situations all the while maintaining class. We carry ourselves with confidence and self-respect. We judge others based upon their personality and who we click with. We are positive, charasmitic, family oriented, and loving.
Overall it is a dream to live in Bergenfield.
It will improve your character and get you to grow as a person.
You won't understand the Greatness of Bergen County if you aren't from there, justs like noone can truly describe what love (or heaven) is or means to them-you just have to experience it to really know.
Bergen County is The Elite.
Bergen County wouldn't be what it is without Bergenfields influence and style.
Where is the best place I could think to live?
Why would anyone ever want to leave Bergenfield?
by Elita1 March 30, 2008

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