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The act of tripping in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and incredibly unfavored by people. Comes from Brawl Taunts, a flash video on Newgrounds.

*Several characters fall down, as if they were tripping.*

Wolf: The conclusion? Gay Tripping... is GAY."
by Elementalpowerstar August 07, 2009
The sound someone makes when they have lost an argument or are falling off a cliff. May also be used in sarcasm.
Person 1: You just lost.
Person 2: Nuuu damn.
by Elementalpowerstar September 23, 2009
A taunt popular in 2010 for a general response to any question. Using this response often gets a further negative response of the non-violent nature towards the question asker, and often used as a joke to assert oneself as one whom cannot be beaten in a fight. Often ended with "Brah" or other noun.
A: Markel, why didn't you respond to my text last night?

B: Because you don't want to fight me.

A: Shut up, I'll beat you up right now.

B: But you still don't want to fight me.
by Elementalpowerstar December 11, 2010
"Dailup" is referred to when someone does not get a joke as quick as they thought they would. Often associated with slow internet, meaning the people are slow.
User 1: *Tells a joke*
User 2: ...
User 1: Your on dailup.
by Elementalpowerstar August 06, 2009

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