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Undoubtedly the BEST character on sesame street! The super cool dude with a great taste in food! I loved sesame street and it was all his doing! Fuck elmo! He sucks! What is everyones obsession with elmo? The cookie monster OWNS elmo. Elmo can go rot in hell!
"C is for Cookie!"
"It's all about the cookie, mmm, the cookie, yeah, the cookie!"
by Eleanor April 10, 2005
all the sexiest things in the world rolled into word perfect being.
Long hair, sexy eyes and a voice that could stop someone's heart.
by Eleanor June 05, 2004
(verb) YOU GUY HAVE IT ALL WRONG!! Prod means poke!
"I'm going to prod that annoying kid."
by Eleanor April 10, 2005
a person acting like a faggot
"Erin stop being such a vag bag"
by Eleanor June 21, 2004
The meaning of the word Khara black
Khara-Khorum, might be one of the following words: khara-khu'rem (black stone), khara khorin (black wall), khara-kerem (black castle), khara-korum (black shivers of the ruins of Uigur's KaraKorum, VIII CE), khorin ger (twenty gers, according to old Mongolian custom, was a center of the city), kho'l khorin (a place is not allowed to speak) and et cetera.
by Eleanor February 13, 2004

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