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First off, I am not a juggalo (here-on reffered to as "Clown College Dropout). They are a bunch of weiners who follow two Clown College Drop outs about, believing everyword they say and everything they do is divine. They will claim ICP has deep lyrics. But let me give you an example...From the song "Swallow this nut" And I quote, "My clown paint glows in the dark dont be scared
If somthin starts ticklin your ass its my beard" Unquote. Now, tell me does this sound intelligent and deep to you? I didn't think so. Now, back to Clown College Dropouts. Typically, they can be seen at the local mall, preaching about the evils of government and mainstream society, never realizing, mainstream society is the only reason ANYTHING exists. They can usually be heard spouting off to anyone wearing a shirt that says anything other than ICP on it, but when some one steps up, they run. If you want a better definition, see bitch.
Clown College Drop out : Man, have you heard that new ICP track?"

Non-retard : No man, ICP sucks.

Clown College Drop out : You just don't get it man,you ain't a juggalom your government is corrupting you, you just haven't found the dark carnival yet.

Non-retard : Whatever, suck my dick you faggot.
by Elduderino October 16, 2006
the state of being intoxicated to a marijuana-laced level of incomprehensibility and inter-dimensional philosophical babble.
"If I could read you my life, I would be really good at art."

"Like I wish I could just project my brain into somebody that's good at art, and they could just DRAW that!"

-- "Dude...you're pandame as hell right now!"


-- "Yeah...."
by ElDuderino April 22, 2012

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