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A popular gaming community that started in 2002 playing the Korean MMO Helbreath.

Previous owners/admins include Lary and Joe, but Bob now pays the bills and each week posts Weekly Broke Ass Previews and Evilbob posts "daily" reviews of classic games.
This is hilarious I'm posting this on Tenstones right now
by Elbob August 31, 2010
Game previews on Tenstones that meant to save you money by not wasting it on shitty games.

The previews are based on the title only because Bob doesn't have money to waste on shitty games either but his expertise shines each week.

They always say you can't judge a book by it's cover but they never said anything about it's title.
Don't waste your hard earned cash on shitty games check the weekly broke ass previews first.
by Elbob August 31, 2010
A mixture of 2 or more kinds of high quality bud.
Trying to match on a bowl of dank?
Nah let's make it 2 dank ass parfaits.
by Elbob August 11, 2010
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