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to be driving with contraband ever mindful of proper grammar
I fear those police officers or "po po," if you will, may catch me riding dirtily should they choose to pull me over.
by El Martillo February 29, 2008
to defecate; to void excrement from the bowels through the anus

"Did that sign say 'Next Exit 24 miles?'"
"Yeah, why?"
"Man, I've gotta dunk a dutchman."
by El Martillo November 27, 2007
He's the guy who never saves the green hit.
"Man, I need to position myself between the glass and C. J. Roaster. He's going to torch it."
by El Martillo February 03, 2008
n. a censored motherfucker.
"... so out of nowhere this emmeffer walks up to Jeff and says ...."
by El Martillo February 03, 2008
n. a motherfucker from Maine.
A guy who boosts your lobster traps is a real mommyknocker, eh?
by El Martillo February 03, 2008
shorthand substitute for "you know what I'm saying?;" the proper response to which is: "Inumbyasome."
Chuck: "I like statements of opinion, yanumbyasome?"

Bruce nodding approval: "Inumbyasome."
by el Martillo November 06, 2007

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