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A caco is pretty much the Puerto Rican cousin of the British townie/chav or the North American wanksta/wigger.

Their name comes from the greek "cacos" meaning "bad" or "low quality"(Example: cacophony) and was a term in used in Spain referring to a low-life. The female counterpart is called "caca" humorously enough.

Cacos listen to reggaeton in the same way that wankstas listen to gangsta rap and chavs listen to garage but they will also listen to anything resembling the sound(i.e. no talent music about gangs,hos and tha ghetto).

Caco fashion generally consists of mostly athletic clothes of known brands or anything that makes them look like they're rich(which is hypocritical considering their inverse snob ghetto behavior).
Males: brightly colored basketball jerseys wife beaters or long white T-shirts, baggy denim shorts, expensive reebok or nike sneakers(usually white) or wheat colored Timberland or Lugz boots and a white or 2 toned baseball cap. When cacos want to dress fine on a night out, they will wear imitation designer jeans, horizontal striped polo shirts and a pair of pointy tan colored shoes(puerto rican fence hoppers). Preferred hairstyles are usually crew cuts which makes them looks like clones of each other or corn rows. And of course no "self respecting" caco would be complete without a shit-load of gold jewelry mainly thick heavy gold chains with a huge medallion or cross, heavy gold rings and of course an imitation "blinged out" diamond earrings.
Females: Are J-Lo wannabes so they will fashion themselves after her gaining a look that makes them look like cheap ghetto whores. Generallly they will wear tight "booty" jeans showing they're panties or tight trackpants or with a shiny writing on the ass or a slutty bright colored miniskirt, tight brightly colored tops with cheap floral designs or shiny letterings on them and high-heeled shoes or sandals. Like their male counterparts they will also sport a fairly large amount of bling.

Cacos are extremely fond of riced-out jap cars. Their choice rides are usually Mitsubishi Mirage Technicas or Honnda Civics which they will trick-out with fart exhausts, body kits, chrome rims, tacky stickers and of course a bass sound system to blast their infernal reggaeton music to innocent citizens trying to get a good night's sleep. They also like to ride ATVs, pocket bikes or mopeds with radios instaled.

Cacos do not get along with "roqueros"(rockers) because they stereotype them as devil-worshippers. Despite the fact that they go to church cacos break all 10 commandments(stealing, murdering,adultery and of course gay prison sex) whenever they can so their hatred towards roqueros is hypocritical.

In short cacos are annoying scum and give Puerto Ricans a bad name.
Un jodio caco me robo el carro anoche.

Daddy Yankee,Don Omar and Winsin&Yandel are poster boys for the caco subculture.
by El Lobito Triste May 08, 2005
I happen to be Puerto Rican myself and I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of misconceptions about us. We're not all stupid dirty cacos like some dumbass hick would have you believe and some of us actually have real goals and lead honest lives instead of selling drugs and living off welfare.

And no, not all of us like reggaeton and have bad taste in music, a good number of us listen to a variety of music including rock(in fact there's an increasing number of headbangers and alternative types here in the island).

And we don't ALL hate the USA or Americans. Sure some do, mostly the right wingers from the separatist party hate the US but not all us, in fact, a good number of Puerto Ricans would like nothing more than to make Puerto Rico a state of the US but that's not likely to happen any time soon.
Me. Hola, Como estas?
by El Lobito Triste May 27, 2005
In Puerto Rican dialect, charro(or charra if female) is both a noun and an adjective used to describe someone or something that is pathetic or someone who is a jackass(i.e.someone who makes an ass out of him/herself)

A person who has no sense of dignity is considered a charro and something that's tacky or garish can be considered charro as well. It's not a very offensive word but it can be insulting sometimes.

Another derived form of this word is called charreria(jackassery)
"No seas tan charro mijo"
Translation:Don't be such a jackass dude

"Acho, Quitate ese sombrero cabron!Se ve bien charro"
Translation:Jesus, Take off that hat dumbass! It looks so pathetic.
by El Lobito Triste September 29, 2005
A backwater ghetto town located in the northwest of Puerto Rico. Arecibo is considered to be one of Puerto Rico's most important cities, but in truth, If it wasn't for the fact that Arecibo owns the world's largest radio-telescope it'd be just another nowhere town on the map. It's also a real depressing town, all run-down and shabby looking mostly because we had the misfortune of having incompetent thieving scumbags for mayors.

The place is also home to many bible-thumping ignorant hicks(or jibaros as we call them)who waste their lives away with booze, driving old beat up American cars and pick-up trucks. And then we have snooty yuppies with huge gas-guzzling mini-vans and SUVs and of course their "bad boy" Harley Davidson motorcycles to drive on the weekend when they want to feel "free". Also most of the town's youth are punk-ass cacos(wankstas) with no sense fashion(or reasoning) whose only goal in life is to be a drug dealer, a reggaeton DJ or the owner of a car customization shop so they can "trick out" rice rockets and motor-scooters with ghetto-fab sound systems and cheap graphics.

And then there's the women. Most of the girls in Arecibo are homely skanks or fatties and the few girls that are hot or at least halfway decent are either A)married or B) stuck up bitches with more bling around their necks than brains in their heads who act like their shit don't stink and won't even give you the time of day unless you drive a super-expensive luxury car or a brand-new motorcycle.

Most of the "cool" or wothwhile places in Arecibo aren't even in Arecibo at all(with the exception of the radio-telescope of course) but in their neighboring towns such as Hatillo and Barceloneta. And yeah Arecibo does have some cool people but you have to look real hard to find them.
Acho, Me voy a mudar pa'l carajo de Arecibo una vez tenga la oportunidad"

Translation: I am so moving the fuck out of Arecibo once I get the chance.
by El Lobito Triste December 07, 2005
1.Spanish for "medal"

2.A cheap Puerto Rican beer that you drink when you don't feel like dishing out extra cash for a Heineken or a Coors.It goes down harder than other beers meaning you're more likely to puke if you drink it in large quantities.
"Medalla.Cerveza,Cerveza y nada mas."
by El Lobito Triste September 29, 2005
It's also Spanish for 'monkey'. The female is 'mona'.
Mira ese tipo, Se parece un jodio mono
by El Lobito Triste June 06, 2005

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