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adjective - To be incapacitated due to a variety of factors, most of which involve alcohol.
"Man, Alfonse is stumbling all over the place...he's really buckled."
by El Jefe February 08, 2004
1. To establish physical dominance over another by beating them into submission and/or unconsciousness.

2. In sports: To go into another team's home stadium, beat their asses, and send their pretty boy quarterback home cryin' to his mama.
Damn! Philly just opened a can of whup ass on Green Bay on Monday Night Football!
by El Jefe November 10, 2003
A small, fast, easily modified car built my Mitsubishi in a partnership with Dodge. See crankwalk
"I would have beat that M3, but crankwalk owned me!"
by el jefe June 11, 2004
package or group of items. also related items to a topic.
Going the full distance or completing
She went down on me and gave me the whole enchilada.
by el jefe October 17, 2003
one who enjoys fellatio
That chick is a little knob gobblin!
She likes the taste!
by el jefe November 25, 2003
expressing the principles of Dada art movement--absurdity, non-sequitor like actions
The band Gwar uses Dadaism as a vehicle for musical expression.
by el jefe October 01, 2003
A project beginning origionally as a solo-album for Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and gradually growing to be a collective project of soon-to-be Dream Theater Keyboardist Jordan Rudess (who was accepted to Juliard at the age of 9), Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci, and bass guitarist Tony Levin (former King Crimson, Pink Floyd, and Paul Simon band member).

Both albums were completed in a week and were entirely improvised.
Albums: LTE 1 and LTE 2

"Try and keep yourself from your drums after hearing this." -Tony Levon to Mike Portnoy in the writing stages of Osmosis (LTE 1)
by El Jefe February 27, 2005

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