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2 definitions by Eighty-Two

A tall figured type specimen. Often engaging in laughter and charismatic approaches to meeting women. You may compare this specimen to the gossamer from Loony Tunes, or perhaps Bonzi Bill from the Mario Brothers series. A fukes can be found mainly in places like Oswego, NY or Queens New York varrying based on the time of year.
Noun: "Hey look there's a fukes."
Verb: "I gotta get some fukes in before the end of the day."
Adjetive: "Looks like someone has a case of the Fukes"
by eighty-two October 13, 2006
9 5
The occurrence of a Pandemic.
In 2009, Hans Rosling made an analysis about the pandemicy of our planet.
by Eighty-Two October 15, 2010
4 1