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A fake phony ass person
"What a fuke"
by alxlopzrt83 June 19, 2014
a fuke is a male orgasm that ends with such a huge explosion of sperm that it feels like a nuclear bomb has just blown up inside his partner's vagina/asshole.
Mabel: Oh my gosh Helen, yesterday, William fuked me so hard that his cum overflowed and spilled out from my vagina!!

Helen: Oh jeez you're so lucky!! No one I've slept with had a big enough storage of cum to fuke me. :
by hornyasWill February 13, 2008
A tall figured type specimen. Often engaging in laughter and charismatic approaches to meeting women. You may compare this specimen to the gossamer from Loony Tunes, or perhaps Bonzi Bill from the Mario Brothers series. A fukes can be found mainly in places like Oswego, NY or Queens New York varrying based on the time of year.
Noun: "Hey look there's a fukes."
Verb: "I gotta get some fukes in before the end of the day."
Adjetive: "Looks like someone has a case of the Fukes"
by eighty-two October 13, 2006
A compilation fucking nuke
Fuke you nigga!!!!1111
by Mr_Alpha_Omega March 29, 2005
When you feel like your'e going to faint and puke at the same time.
Im gonna faint.... Im gonna puke.... Im gonna fuke!
by ZOMBIE_GIRL September 17, 2013
its like fuck only bedder
fuke u fukin asshole
by fuekd u November 10, 2003
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