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1. The instructions, user or technical manual for a piece of equipment.

2. By inference, any important piece of documentation, either as treeware or in electronic form.

"Where's the Book of Words for the router ?"

"I've logged the fault in the Book of Words."
#book manual #text #important #information #store #keep #valuable
by Eighth of Seven January 14, 2007
A slap on the head, usually the back of the head. Not hrd enough to really hurt, but suffient to shake up the recipient more than a little.

Often used in a group of males to "encourage" the one that's always a bit slower than the others.

"So that's three Big Macs, a Quarter pounder, a chicken sandwich .... Jim, what do you want ?"

"Err... a Big - no, one of those fish .... can I have nuggets ? No hang on, something with bacon ....."


"Make your mind up NOW, unless you want some more brain therapy !"

"Ok, OK, Big Mac and Fries !"
#hit #head #slap #smack #slow #brain #shake #jolt #thump #encourage #therapy
by Eighth of Seven April 09, 2009
In the original Star Trek series, whenever the main engines (warp drive) broke down (which was pretty frequent) the Enterprise would only be able to move using "impulse engines" - a low power, sub-lightspeed manouvering system based on a small fusion ram/ion drive.

By inference, someone described as "running on impilse engines" or "impulse power only" is either:

1. Very tired (a.k.a. 'running on empty')

2. Genuinely ill

3. (derog.) Slow and/or stupid.
"Jesus, I've just had to brief the sales guys on the new product.... they're all running on impulse engies up there".

"You want to go for a beer ?"

"No, man, I'm running on impulse engines... got to go home and grab some sleep."
#slow #stupid #star trek #clever #happy #tired #ill #sick #exhausted #dumb
by Eighth of Seven May 09, 2007
All systems wound up beyond the safe limit; literally, the needle on an analog dial has gone right round the dial, so far round that it's hit the peg marking the Zero poistion from the back.

Also known as redlining.
"I got the job done, but I was pegging the gauge by the end."
#maximum power #emergency #overload #going for it #redlining.
by Eighth of Seven January 07, 2007
The main power switch, often on computer equipment but applicable to any piece of equipment. Used to stop the system when all other control inputs have failed, often because of a system crash or lockup.
Tech 1: "Buggeration, we have the Blue Screen Of Death yet again !"

Tech 2: "Shit. Give me a sec, I shall apply my digital extremity to the Big Red Reset Switch"



Tech 1: "Ok, it's rebooting now".
#reset #shutdown #crash #lockup #power off #restart #blue screen of death #microsoft #microshit
by eighth of seven February 06, 2010
A description of a woman wearing tight and/or revealing clothing, with (un)suitable hair, makeup, shoes and jewellry, making her appear like a prostitute seeking clients.

The term does not imply that she actually is a working girl, merely that she is dressed blatantly to attract men; it can be used perjoratively by other women about somneone they assess as better dressed or more attractive than themselves - the object of their ire does not necessarilty look sleazy or cheap.

"Oh my God, look at Kitty ! I mean, boots, fishnets and a miniskirt ?"

"That bitch is dressed for trade, you'd better get Mike out of here, they used to date and she's obviously on the prowl again."
#girl #dress #cheap #sleazy #whore #bitch #envy #pretty #better #makeup #shoes #hair
by Eighth of Seven April 09, 2009
To push an aircraft's engines to emergency full power. May cause permanent engine damage if prolonged beyond a few minutes.

Used to denote someone who is going all-out.

"You busy ?"
"Yup, got the handle jammed forward"
#busy #working hard #takeoff #aircraft #full power
by Eighth of Seven January 07, 2007
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