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A nice way of saying, "Getting Laid in the shade" because ad's in the paper alway's say "full body massage" but that's just a front for prostitution.
Kid 1: I got lucky, I just a full body massage.
by Edman March 06, 2005
The "Disco Break" is a term used to describe the point in a song where the music is at it's prime and DJ's sratch to keep the music going. Disco DJ's used scratching during the 70's to keep the music fresh. Because the disco break was the best part of the song, B-Boys would use this time to dance, thus the term "Break-Dancing" was coined.
Man, when the disco broke things got hectic at the 313.
by Edman March 04, 2005
Just as frilly fill mentioned, the word zut is an extremely flexible word as a swear, replacing many other common four-letter words. However, where I come from, in our high school it isn't recognized as a french word and is pronounced differently among the students. In our school it is pronounced "zuht" with a long z and hard t, rhyming with cut. The students who started this trend apparantly were not aware that there was already a word much like the one they had made however the meaning is close. Can be used in the context of: "You are a <i>zut</i>", meaning something along the lines of, "You are nasty or disgusting" or just shouting "Zut" is tantamount to saying, "Gross!".
Will: Steven is a moose!
Ben: Hey, he's my chum!
Will: No, no, he's a zut!
by Edman January 11, 2006

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