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a name for a penis, used famously by the late Oliver Reed
I'd like for her and my todger to get well acquainted
by Ed the Viking April 27, 2010
an especially tricky sexual move in which the male jumps as high as he can and lands squarely between the legs of a female partner while simultaneously inserting his penis into the vagina.
"i heard jordana likes it hard"
"then give her a leap jump to super fuck. she'll like that"
by ed the viking December 25, 2008
a name for one's penis
She gave Uncle Mick Mack a kiss and he spit on her!
by Ed the Viking April 27, 2010
to fornicate, usually in an especially aggressive and forceful manner. used by males in reference to sex with a female.
dude, you should ream that chaunch. itll be good for you.
by ed the viking December 25, 2008
When a man fornicates with the buttocks of a woman. Different from anal because penetration of the anus is not necessary, it is most similar to titty fucking, only with the buttocks. Works best on women with large posteriors. Named due to the fact that the male is sticking his meat in between her buns.
I'd big mac the shit outta her ass!
by Ed the viking July 12, 2011
When someone sticks their entire fist into the anus of another person and cannot get their hand back out.
I gave her the old chocolate cookie jar last night and she was so surprised, I was stuck for about an hour.
by Ed the Viking July 11, 2011
a term for sexual intercourse, usually phrased as an indirect noun
I gave her the shim sham last night and she loved it!
by Ed the Viking April 27, 2010

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