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goo·gle am·ne·sia, n.

An internet disorder phenomenon caused by the sheer simplicity and instant gratification of discovering an answer to virtually any question instantly, where the individual who performs the query quickly loses all memory of both the query and resulting information.

The reason this disorder is specifically linked to Google, and not other search engines, or simply, "Search Engine Disorder", is from the sheer simplicity and high success rate at immediately getting an answer through Google, the answer itself looses significance having been acquired so quickly. Also partially due to Google's near monopolistic share of search engine activity.
1. I'm not sure, but I'm getting a sense of deja-vu when I Google, "Reason for the sky being blue". I may be suffering from 'Google Amnesia'

2. You know, from the amount of time John spends on the internet, you'd figure he would have some knowledge about anything, yet he's a complete tit. Must be suffering from Google Amnesia
by Echo Pryce December 06, 2007
hy·per·link a·d·d, n.

An internet disorder caused from the sheer volume of hyperlinks present in an article. Similar in symptoms to Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD, when an individual suddenly travels to another hyperlinked article of immediate interest, and another article hyperlinked within the recently loaded article, never having completely finished the previous articles, and sometimes never returning to finish reading said articles.

Hyperlink ADD is most common for patients who frequently read Wikipedia, or forums where external hyperlinks are frequently present.

Symptoms include: fatigue; empathy; failure to finish sentences; addiction to clicking or tapping underlined words or phrases; not finishing this article on Hyperlink ADD

Similar to Google Amnesia where the sheer ease of discovering new information severely decreases the significance of the information gained
1. My god! I've spent an entire afternoon reading articles related to this current page on Domokuns, yet I forget what I was originally reading. I may have Hyperlink ADD

2. I spent the last 10 min clicking the 'Back' button on John's web browser. Either he's a world champion speed reader, or he has Hyperlink ADD.
by Echo Pryce December 06, 2007
In·ter·net Fuck·wad Syn·drome,

An Internet disorder where the patient, while acting under the anonymity of an Internet identity, proceeds to act in a manor both disparaging and embarrassing if said individual were to conduct himself in such a way in RL.

The pathology of this disorder stems from the intoxicating effect of freedom from repercussion when violating societal values and morals anonymity can provide. With no perceived penalty for prepubescent, immature behaviour, weaker individuals lose all inhibition, and proceed to mindlessly annoy, harass, abuse, and assault their peers whilst online.

The pathology is succinctly described through John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory (Penny Arcade; "Green Blackboards (And Other Anomalies)"; 2004/03/19)

Symptoms include, but are not limited to:


·Posting irreverent, shallow criticisms or comments on YouTube;

·Arguing with an admin on any site;

·Liberally using racial slurs;

·Backing up the use of racial slurs with equally racist rationalizations;

·Creating and distributing Spam; and

·Being a minor on the Internet.

Treatment requires an immediate intervention and disconnection from any Internet feed, as this is the sole vector of Internet pathogens, including text forms, and send buttons.

Abbreviated by the initialism (IFS), and also known as Anonymous Asshat Syndrome (AAS)
Dude, I was watching a pretty awesome video online, and some asshat has to comment, "this is the greatest piece of shite since your mother brought you into this world". What an asshole; if he/she flew their mouth off like that in the real world, they would be eating people's fists regularly. I pity these losers; they suffer from Internet Fuckwad Syndrome.
by Echo Pryce January 15, 2010
In·ter·net dis·or·der,

Any psychological disorder whose root pathological cause lies in exposure to certain aspects of the Internet. These include, but are not limited to:

·Google Amnesia;

·Hyperlink ADD (HADD);

·Forum Schizophrenia; and

·Internet Fuckwad Syndrome (IFS).

Treatment of such disorders may ultimately require the removal of the patient from the Internet - the main vector of Internet Pathogens.
My brother has never been the same since he went online; he's being a total douchebag on forums, and can surf Wikipedia for days on end, but have no recollection of where he's been. I should call a doctor; he's suffering from some form of Internet disorder.
by Echo Pryce January 14, 2010
for·um schizo·phre·nia, n.

An internet disorder caused by an individual who reads a significantly higher number of blog, forum or comment posts by many unique individuals, to the point of hearing voices in his head that do not correspond to his perceived train of thought.

The pathology behind this disorder is believed to reside behind the individuals 'mental voice' - the voice that speaks the words in an individual's mind as he reads - and the lack of a consistent train of thought due to the brevity and uniqueness of blog, forum and comment posts

i.e. each post has a different writing style, tone, train of thought, point of view, that continuing to read these posts, without a rest period to center one's thoughts, can lead to a lack of sense of self, and beginning to hear one's mental voice speak and think in ways that are foreign to the individual

The reason it is specifically an internet disorder, and not common schizophrenia, is probably due to the style of internet writing. i.e. if a person were to read a book, or magazine article, it's length and sense of closure at the end of the article allows an individual to regain their own train of thought.

Can be commonly found to coincide with Google Amnesia, and Hyperlink ADD
1. First! I'm starting to get confused here; I can't think straight... liek readin' all these fukin' posts from these n00bs is teh gay. Bah! I'm just being a brain fanboy. That urban dictionary post was totally photoshopped. Leik you know, asshat! Wat r u, some 13yo posn llik you're an adult??!? Why do they let these kids in my brain? Linkin Park is my <3<3<3!!!!!111!1!

...OMG I think I'm suffering from Forum Schizophrenia
by Echo Pryce December 06, 2007
sun·shine can

Any container that contains a propellant that can be abused by persons addicted to inhaling such substances. So named for the infamous woman, Allison, on the show "Interdiction" who was addicted to breathing in the propellant from air-duster cans and stated, "it's like I'm walking on sunshine".

Can also be referred to as, "a can of sunshine"
Dude, I need to blast some radioactive dust bunnies out of my computer case; toss me a sunshine can.

Why do you have that sunshine can in your mouth? Are you daft?
by Echo Pryce January 14, 2010
can of sun·shine


Any container that contains a propellant that can be abused by persons addicted to inhaling such substances. So named for the infamous woman, Allison, on the show "Interdiction" who was addicted to breathing in the propellant from air-duster cans and stated, "it's like I'm walking on sunshine".

Can also be referred to as, "a sunshine can"
I'm depressed my gf dumped me for playing WoW instead of calling her on her bday. I need a can of sunshine

Dude, your computer case is a nightmare; you bust out the vacuum cleaner, and I'll hit it with a can of sunshine.

Hey, check this: I can totally freeze shit with my can of sunshine!
by Echo Pryce January 14, 2010
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