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a clever inside joke originated sometime between the fall of the German Empire.. again and the rise of the Soviet Union.
"I don't get the joke."
"Why don't you go protests about it, hippie..."
"I will! Common guys lets make signs for peace!"
by Ebot March 21, 2003
1)To change possession of an item or idea usually causing internal struggle while redefining one's moral limits.
2)The only way to get ahead in life...
Yoink! How low can i go? Low enough to steal another purse, methinks.
by Ebot March 21, 2003
When a group of people feel it is neccessary to protest for a certain cuase but are too lazy to march on a capital and way too freaking hungry to go on a fast...
by Ebot March 21, 2003
Widely considered an art-form in France basically becuase of their inability to do anything else save wine making...
This popular practice has recently spread to the middle east and more so in Iraq.
"Sir. We have captured a division of armed non-coallition troops durning our strike on Baghdad." (The manifestation of justice)
"Well, bring em in." (General ready to light some Iraqis up)
"Sir. You'll never believe what they said..." (swift hand of american justice)
"Well? Out with it." (Gen Uncle Sam)
"Bonjour..." (just american soldier)
by Ebot March 23, 2003
1)a smooth black fluid with a pungent flavor and universal appeal.
2)the only thing keeping Iraq from being a crator.
OIL (Operation Iraqi Liberation}
by Ebot March 21, 2003
A big fuggin hole in the ground usually originating from a meteor or MOAB.
see Iraq's future; see also North Korea's future; see also French power
"Timmy, can you point out the Iraqi sea?"
"I can't find it."
"Common, Timmy. It's the one that glows green..."
by Ebot March 21, 2003
1)Futile attempt at making France feel powerful.
2)The concept of giving Belgium the same power as the United States of America and hoping it all works out.
3)The only thing allowing a coalltion of 45 countries to be called "unilateral military action"
by Ebot March 21, 2003

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