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A loser slut constantly striving for attention when she is unwanted.
After playing pass-around with her, Johnny and Mick decided that Becky was indeed just another rat bitch.
by Ebeling June 22, 2003
High class shitrag newspaper catering to a bunch of little office-dwelling fucks who light their cigars with hundred dollar biils.
Sloan scanned the Wall Street Journal looking for the company she ass-rammed on the stock exchange yesterday.
by Ebeling June 23, 2003
Anal oral sex.
The pussy was great but I wouldn't give her the cheese spread.
by Ebeling June 22, 2003
A nymphomaniac slut.
Pammy took herself seriously, but she was just a fucking slymph.
by Ebeling June 22, 2003
A sly nymphomaniac.
Chuck got two in one night because he's a real slymph.
by Ebeling June 22, 2003
Anal oral sex.
Johnny slipped it upstairs to 70.

by Ebeling June 22, 2003
A man who unexplainably knocks up every girl he screws one time.
When Dana told John about her pregnancy, he knew he was a sure shot.
by Ebeling June 22, 2003
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