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taking it in the butt. having buttsex with somebody. usuallly a man. taking it in the butt
darryl morrow likes to take it
by Earl April 28, 2003
A religious day in Catholicism in which ash is placed on the foreheads to symbolize that we were made from ash and to ash we will become.
I went to Ash Wednesday last week
by Earl March 08, 2004
An idiot.
A moron.
A dumbass.

Need I say more?

Comes from the italian kid that lived next door to me years ago.
You bweenis, that was my beer!
by Earl June 10, 2004
a. The shit you gotta do b. responsibilities that get in the way of fun
I wish I could join you tonight but I got damnsponsibilities to take care of.
by Earl October 10, 2004
You do any boxscraping last nite Joe?
by Earl November 16, 2003
It is the expression on your face where you have dropped the soap and been butt tagged by someones willy wacker.
"Jim dropped the soap in the prison shower, bent down to retrieve it and got jabbed in the anus by Rick's Dick."
by Earl July 06, 2003
1. is short for Allen Iverson a NBA player
Wow A.I. dropped 30 points last night.
by Earl April 02, 2005

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