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A hut thing.
We'll meet up under the gazebo.
To the hut thing!
by ET2QT September 02, 2003
Slang for dickhead/dickface
That guy thinks he looks hot. Fucking lun yurng shouldn't even be showing his face.
by ET2QT July 10, 2003
One's mother's pussy.
Fuck your magahai.
Your magahai!
Ew niek ga ma ga chiew lan ai hai. (Taisanese)
by ET2QT June 28, 2003
Said to a person out of anger. It's a curse telling a person's family to go to hell. Usually bunched up with other curses.
Pok lei gaw chow gai, hum ga chon.
by ET2QT June 28, 2003
A compliment to somebody. Someone who is tall, dark, and handsome. Strong and intellectual.
He's ET2QT.
He looks just like ET2QT.
by ET2QT June 28, 2003
A circular/gyrating movement involving the hips.
Hey man, do the Stan!
Hey look, he's doing the Stan!
Hey, u can't play without doing the Stan first!
by ET2QT July 10, 2003
Slang term for penis. Can also be used in combination with other words to make lun yurng and mut lun yeah ah.
That guy has no lun.
by ET2QT July 10, 2003
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