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Probably the biggest steroid user Red Sox history.

His body is so fucked up from 'roids to the point that he can't even play first base.
David Ortiz didn't do shit for years in Minnesota. Then he goes to Boston and starts belting HRs left and right. Can you say steroids?
by ERAU Nigga January 13, 2008
An overrated QB who has tiny, weird looking ears. Everyone gets on his nuts like he's a future HOF despite the fact he's blown in it in the playoffs twice now.

Even with his fucked up looking face, he somehow attracts gorgeous women like Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, and others. Because of this, he is making pro football into another celebrity obsessed TV show.
"Dude, Tony Romo is the man. Go Cowboys!"

"Psh, if you were a real football fan you'd know Tony Romo is a complete retard who thinks he's the shit and chokes under pressure."
by ERAU Nigga January 13, 2008
A school that focuses on Aviation with two campuses: one in Daytona Beach, Florida and one in Prescott, Arizona.

Both of these schools are really boring, but the Prescott campus is probably worse.

There are no girls at this school - its over 90% male. It's also full of a billion fucking preps, nerds and losers who try to act like they're from California. It's also pretty boring unless you have a car and you'll probably contemplate transferring to another school more than once. It is also expensive as shit.

If you're thinking of of going to this school, you better be DAMN FUCKING SURE you want to because if you change your mind, you'll spend nearly 30 grand a year for nothing. So don't bitch out.

Oh and there's not much partying. Most of them suck. But if you're a douche bag and join a lame ass fraternity, you'll probably have an easier time getting crunk. Kiss your ass and money goodbye if you're caught though. This school doesn't fuck aroud, nigga.

Despite the negatives its' a pretty good school. The weather is good and its a quiet atmosphere that allows you to study. If you're sure you can handle it and want to have a great job in aviation, this is the school you want.
Fuck! Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is fucking expensive as shit. Most of the girls are ugly too.
by ERAU Nigga January 02, 2008
A disease that runs rampant at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The main symptom is thinking that bland or ugly girls are "hot." Whilst males of different backgrounds, races, and personalities may suffer from the disease, it is most common in the typical dorky, ROTC, aviation obsessed, preppy, WASP students that attend ERAU.
Damn, that chunky, greasy girl is looking hot as fuck. Wait a second. I must have.... *GASP* RIDDLE VISION!

by ERAU Nigga January 13, 2008
The only NFL team to go undefeated and get caught cheating in a regular season.
"Yea, I'm from Bastan, Mass and I love the New England Patriots. Theyre' wicked good and Brady's going to do it all!"

"STFU! Don't you know that the Patriots, like all the other New England sports teams, are a bunch of cheating bastards?"

"Oh yea? You're jealous because we have Taaaaaam Brady. Best QB eva'! Oh, and go red saaaaaaxx."
by ERAU Nigga January 13, 2008
The most annoying baseball team in existence.

Their fans are by far the most ignorant, obnoxious, retards in the face of sports. 99% are a bunch of idiots who jumped on the bandwagon in 04. They wear greasy, faded hats, try to act like they're Irish by wearing a lot of green, and always try to grow a goatee or some kind of fucked up beard.

Their whole organization are a bunch of hypocrites. They constantly insult the Yankees by calling them "The Evil Empire" and pointing to the fact that the Yankees spend money. They do this despite the fact that they have the second highest payroll in baseball and spend more money on shitty, overrated players (can you say JD Drew???) than any other team.

Their team is made up of a bunch of overrated, overpaid bastards. Two of them biggest pieces of shit in baseball: Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. These two have to be the ugliest guys in baseball - Ramirez with his disgusting, nappy dreadlocks and doo rag, and Ortiz's fat, slow ass with a fucked up pencil thin beard. He also has one of the nastiest gaps in his teeth I've ever seen. Jason Varitek acts like he's some kind of bad ass because he faught A-Rod with all his protective equipment on. He also is a average at best catcher and a shitty hitter. Despite this, the Red Sox made him team "captain" because no other teams wanted his sorry ass when he was a free agent.

In short, they are the worst, most overrated, annoying team in the history of sports.
Ignorant Red Sox Fan: 'Man I love the red sox! they're so good'

Real basbeall fan: 'Will you Red Sox and Yankee fans please stfu?'
by ERAU Nigga January 13, 2008
The greatest TV channel out there. Life would not be complete without it. They never shut up about the Yankees, Red Sox, and Patriots though.
I would loose my mind if I didn't have ESPN
by ERAU Nigga January 07, 2008

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