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1) Dirty sex.
2) Sex in the streets.
3) The kind of sex hobos have.
1) I had a lot of hobosex last night.
2) We couldn't wait to get home so we had hobosex.
3) I saw two bums across the street having hobosex.
by EMRAT February 18, 2003
Another term that means to regurgitate or vomit. Often used in the old cartoon "Ren and Stimpy"
I'm about to wharf!
by EMRAT February 20, 2003
A retard that tries to play the guitar but fails like all retards do.
That guitard really sucks at playing the guitar.
by EMRAT February 18, 2003
1) A fish with bullhorns. Usually summoned from the sky by a Bullfish Summoner, but can fall down from the sky on it's own. Can be found in waters too. Beware of this unfriendly fish. They smell bad, don't taste too well and can pierce you with ease. Don't drink from natural bodies of water.
2) A substitute for the other BS.
1) I hope bullfish fall from the sky and stab you through the head.
2) This is bullfish!
by EMRAT February 18, 2003
1) A person that engages in hobosex.
2) A hobo having sex.
1) Me and gregory were being hobosexual last night.
2) You're so hobosexual.
by EMRAT February 18, 2003
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