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To live the fake life. Partying like a rock star with no money. To put on the Ritz in a bad way
"She driving around in her mama's cadillac, trying to be Ritzo."

"I called his Ritzo ass out!"

"They be acting like J-Ritzo and shit!"
by ELELE August 25, 2007
to try and live someone elses fabulous life; being something your not; putting expectations on yourself that you will never meet; Fake, phony type of behavior.
"Tiffany always has to copy me, cuz I got it like that. She is so reezzy!"

"I don't know why Tony has those reezzy ass grills in his mouth! You know he got them from K-Mart!"
by ELELE September 22, 2007
an individual who sulks in a corner after being caught in an embarassing moment; someone who has been served and cries about it.
Troy showed up to the party with Meg and his ex-girlfriend Lisa saw them. Now Lisa is having a bitter party of one.

by ELELE September 22, 2007

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