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When a person is embarrassed by taking a dump in a public restroom and hides in the stall until everyone else leaves the bathroom.
Did you notice that Doug finished taking a nasty crap in the bathroom and was stalling until we left?

Ed kicked the outside of the stall door in a panic, "Jim, come out! I really got to poo! Everyone knows you just took a nasty one, why are you stalling?"
by EDDIEFM October 02, 2013
1. When a short man leaves a location because a taller man arrives.

2. A short man's dysfunctional overuse of steroids, protein shakes, loud banter, and obsessive body building routines, to compensate for the intimidation he feels around taller men.

3. The hyperspastic rage a short guy suffers from when he is hitting on a group of girls and sees a tall guy approaching. Resulting in the short guy bragging about how often he works out, turning red, cock blocking the tall guy, then running out of the bar, kicking a parking meter, and crying in his car, with snot dribbling into his mouth, while listening to Celine Dion on his way home to Burbank.
A large population of short dudes with height flight move to Los Angeles every year because they are intimidated in their Midwestern and East Coast hometowns by the majority population of taller men.

"Gary I'm not leaving the bar just because you bought all those girls drinks and they stopped talking to you as soon as that tall dude started hitting on them. You need to get over your height flight."
by EDDIEFM July 28, 2013

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