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The other high school in Glen Ellyn besides Glenbard West.
Way uglier than Glenbard West. The 'tower' has no windows.
Lights were added to the football field in 2000, and a few years after that, a new auditorium was built, complete with orchestra pit.
Had a very good cross - country and math team a few years ago.
More intellectual and less drugged/stuck up than our Crescent Bvld. counterpart.
Conveniently located diagonal from a 7-11 at Park and Butterfield.
I was in the bottom third of my class even though my GPA was a B. That's what happens when you go to a competitive school like Glenbard South.
by EDAWGfff March 25, 2007
A brand of very expensive underwear, about 30 dollars a pair with designs on them, 25 for 'basic'. For both men and women. Some of their designs have very sexual connotations (wiener eater, ass licker, piggy bottoms, beaver eater, shooting stars, ect.) Pretty much not available anywhere but online. Very colorful. They try and mimic youthfulness, and the result is underwear so playful it's barely sexy.
"Your underwear has pictures of hockey players?"
"Yeah, wanna fuck?"
"Not if you aren't wearing Ginch Gonch. Bright colors turn me on!"
by EDAWGfff March 20, 2007
Rhuel's logo is a bulldog. The style is New York artist-ish. T-shirts are 35 bucks. Some say stupid things like 'I like my hollydays on the rocks' or 'the night is young'. Some have pictures of their ugly bulldog logo. Some just say west village. The clothes look good, but the prints on them just ruin it. Their website does not have a store.
The two stores in Illinois look like haunted houses from the outside, and have a unique floor plan.
I got this t-shirt from rhuel - it costs the same as a tank of gas.
by EDAWGfff March 20, 2007
Doesn't offer any more than it's suburbs other then the gay neighborhoods, 4 star restaraunts, and couture. So unless you're rich, gay, or like traffic jams/lame public transportation, live outside chicago.
Very clean for a big city. Almost no litter or vomit. Parking is almost non existant in some areas - prepare to spend 20+ dollars on a garage in some places. The over night rates are horrendous. The parking situation keeps Metra in business. However, Metra doesn't offer trains past midnight until five am so if you want to party in chicago but live 30 minutes away, prepare to pay out the nose.
Second worst traffic in the country. During rush hour, 290 is a parking lot. Travel times will triple, if you're lucky. Even at 3 in the afternoon you will be stuck in traffic.
Lights are located at every other block. If you can drive more than 15 seconds without stopping, that is extremly rare.
LA and NY are too expensive so I'm stuck with Chicago. It's lame, but at least I can afford to eat.
by EDAWGfff March 20, 2007

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