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4 definitions by EBoogs

Intoxication above and beyond the call of duty.
Man, I was so T-RASHED last night I don't remember the drive home from the bar. I got so T-RASHED I don't even remember who I slept with.
by EBoogs April 14, 2006
Acronym for "short-stack-of-pancakes", a.k.a. a vertically challenged man.
That guy from the club was cute but he was a SSOP. Dude, Erin always attracts the SSOPs.
by EBoogs April 14, 2006
A man who is so skeletal that his ribs and sternum are easily visualized; a concave chest.
Ooooh, that dude is cute, but I fear that he may have birdy-chest.
by EBoogs April 14, 2006
Vanity - to the excess - in a man. Man + vanity = manity
If your man can't help himself from looking at his reflection in every shiny surface, from a store window to the new wax job on the car, he suffers from a severe case of manity.
by EBoogs May 17, 2006